Angela Chapters, The (OmU) (Lim. 2-Disc Slipcase Edition)

Lucifer Valentine - 2 Discs - limitiert
Artikelnummer D-24807 *
Medientyp DVD
Erscheinungsdatum 6/8/2020
Label Black Lava Entertainment
Freigabe false
Regionalcode 462
Bildformat 2,35:1 (16:9)
Bildsystem PAL
Laufzeit ca. 174 Min.
Verpackung Slipcase
Sprache / Tonformat Englisch DD 2.0
Untertitel D, E
Extras Booklet Audio Commentary Making Of Trailer

This series of episodes, or "chapters", is meant to portray dramatized biographical and/or fictionalized vignettes of my friends, whose experiences and recollections reflect the achetypal character of my movies, the runaway "lost girl", Angela Aberdeen. -- Lucifer Valentine Chapter 1: raised in filth Chapter 2: i’m a perfect ten Chapter 3: the human rattlesnake Chapter 4: sorcerer of piss Chapter 5: angel abuse Chapter 6: i need a teacher
Titel Angela Chapters, The
Original Titel Angela Chapters, The
Genre(s) Experimentalfilm Horror 
Produktionsjahr 2020
Produktionsland USA
Regie Lucifer Valentine